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Okay, so most k-pop fans already know that WG have gone to USA for an american debut. Recently, they were invited to be the opening act to the Jonas Brother concert! Sooo, this is my fan account of the concert! I apologize for not having much description about the performances and such because my memory just fails.

You can skip this paragraph since I just need to spazz about my getting the tickets. The hassle and whatnot, since this is my first concert and this is my only place to spazz ^^;;
I'm REALLY thankful to my friend's cousin who was the one who told me about the concert ♥ Otherwise I wouldn't have known and probably regretted finding out later that WG came to my city and I never even knew! I spazzed to two of my friends and they both decided to come even though none of us were really Wonderfuls. (I'm the ELF, one of the friend is Cassieopian and the other is just general k-pop fan) My friend's cousin was a Wonderful, but she lived in another part of the country and thus couldn't come. We bought our tickets on the same day, but we didn't get seats together because there were better seats sitting alone. We really didn't want to sit at the farthest point at the top, so we went with it and got the closest seats after the one right next to the stage. The venue was actually pretty small though. On the day we got there, we were SO confused because we had no idea where to go. We just tried to go with the flow and ended up getting shooed off some private apartment property along with a whole bunch of other people because the line-up ended up getting too long and somehow twisted into the apartment area. Turns out that wasn't the right line for us, but we found out early and finally got into our line. We still had to wait about an hour before we could get in though =\

Also skip this paragraph if you're not interested in Jordin Sparks. After this is WG!
Okay, I was never interested in Jordin Sparks much from the beginning. I just knew she was the other opening act besides Wonder Girls and that she sang 'No Air'. But man, she can SING. Her voice is absolutely amazing live. Although it said no cameras allowed on the ticket, a whole bunch of people jumped up with their cameras to take pictures of her! I wasn't even aware at first. I don't know the first song, but she sang a song I think is called 'Tattoo' second and then, 'No Air.' I love the 'No Air' performance! My brother made me like that song some while ago. She sang it and the other songs amazingly live! She was quite friendly too. She also reappeared again in the middle of the Jonas concert to sing Battlefield. But it made everyone jumped up again. She was really pretty in sparkly black dress that had this flowy end that was trailing. Ack, I don't know enough about clothes to describe it accurately, but she was beautiful in it! She really impressed me.(Or I'm just easily impressed..) Her voice is strong!

Wonder Girls!
trying to find the right burgandy color of their balloon is hard .___.

They were gorgeous ♥ No words to describe how happy I was to see an actual k-pop group perform something in front of m. It was a group I LIKED too! They were wearing white kind of salsa-ish dresses?
My friends and I screamed our heads off for them and stood up to dance with them. God, that is the most I've ever done in public xD but it was so fun! As seen in the video, they taught the dance to the audience cause the staff people were setting up the mic stands. They were so friendly and got the whole crowd up to dance~ They did really good singing live in english. It's too bad they didn't get to do Tell Me and were too tired to do the meet-and-greet.. (I could've MET them Dx) But overall it was fun~
Later on, I learned that they were delayed at the border which was the reason why they were an hour late and ended up cutting Tell Me out...

Although it was a Jonas Brothers concert, I bought the tickets to see WG. I don't have much to say about them since I'm not a fan and my memories of the concert kind of just fizzled out D: But they were pretty good, there was a cool part where fake-rain started falling on one of the Jonas(Kevin I think?) and the rain started making pretty shapes like hearts and etc ♥

I'm so glad I got to see WG, since I probably won't ever get a chance to see any other k-pop acts. (Unless BoA wants a concert and actually comes to Canada? Maybe bring SuJu with her too? D: )
It was fun~! ^^