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Okay, so I guess I kind of lied when I said that I'd probably never see another k-pop act here again. I SAW MINHO!!! AND DREAM TEAM! omg *___* They're here in Canada for about a week! And TODAY!(or yesterday.. cause I'm writing this at 5AM) I just saw them. I can't believe I seriously watched a FULL recording of a korean variety/game show.. WITH SHINee's Minho in it! G.O.D's Danny Ahn was there too!
I'll post my spazz later with a lot of pictures and fancams when my friend uploads them ♥
Okay, I lied. I don't know what happened to the fanpics and fancams my friend took, but thisPhotobucket
is a picture from the official website. I'm that zombie girl beside Danny Ahn and behind.. I think it was Run? I keep getting Run and Joonki mixed up xD;
I might post my spazz up someday when I stop procrastinating @__@
Okay, the lj html things hate me and I'll fix it alter D<