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Just a random intro of me if anyone cares ^^~

I am iMichiyuki.
I love Super Junior! ♥ With a bias on Kim Heechul
and Kim Jongwoon/Yesung. But don't get me wrong.
I love every single one of them like there is no tomorrow!
Other loves are DBSK, SNSD, SHINee, Wonder Girls,
2PM, 2AM, BoA. I also like a lot of other k-pop groups, but I
don't really keep up with their fandoms ^^; I have a HUGE
bias on SMers(past or present), just cause I love their SM
Family love ♥

Also a J-pop, JE, drama and anime/manga fan! 
 ˃ I'm mostly into K-pop now, but I still keep up with JE.
NEWS, Kat-tun, Kanjani8 and Hey!Say!JUMP are my main 
fandoms. I like Arashi, Tacky&Tsuabsa, Kinki Kids, V6 and
the others too. Plus the Johnny's juniors! I especially love
them, cause my favorite JE boy is Yamashita Shoon and
I miss Ya-ya-yah and Taiyou~ D: Also love Toma Ikuta~
 ˃ DRAMAS! I love watching dramas! Currently watching Tokyo
Ghost Trip and K.O.3anguo, Real Clothes, Samurai High School,
Tokyo Dogs and Liar Game Season 2. I'm probably going to watch
Romance Zero and finish You Are My Destiny when I have
the time. xD Also need to start on Kkang's Hello Schoolgirl asap 
and still waiting for Jae's Heaven's Postman
 ˃ All my fandoms started cause of anime and manga ♥
Currently reading Bakuman, Katekyo Hitman Reborn,
D.Gray-Man, 1/2 Prince, Karneval, 07 Ghost, Kami no
Mizo Shiru Sekai and Kuroshitsuji~ Haha, I recently
started following Naruto and Bleach updates again just
for the sake of finishing them since I started reading them xD
I cosplay too, with my friends~ But we only go to the one
convention we have in our city every year xD It's fun though~

Well, I won't have much to post since I've always been more
of a lurker then a blogger/poster. But I don't bite~ <3 Talk to
me if you want to. I have issues asking people about things
and initiating conversations sometimes xD;; Please don't think
I'm too weird though. I'm a nice person :D

In other places, I'm also
sj-world • • • Michiyuki
soompi • • • Michiyuki
soshified • • • Michiyuki
SFI • • • Michiyuki
OneTVXQ • • • Michiyuki
gaiaonline • • • x P E T A L S x (but I don't go on much, lol)

See my love for using the word Michiyuki? xD I forgot why I
use it, but I like having the same username in places. Easier
to remember cause I'm lazy~ lol, I should just condense this,
but it makes the post look more organized~ <3 -bricked-